The Advantage of In-Home Training & Collaboration Between Trainers

Tucson has a pretty robust dog training community. Off the top of my head I can list off dozens of trainers in town without even trying. So what makes The Polite Canine stand out?

The most immediate answer is a simple one: we do in-home training & consulting. Why in-home? Well, most problem behaviors occur in or around the house, and are a part of the dog’s daily life & routine. We want to help change those behaviors at the source. When we come out for that initial eval session we want to see exactly how the dog acts, not just how the owner describes it. We want to dissect the dog’s routine, and observe both his habits and the habits of the people he lives with. Many times, we as owners are on autopilot and it takes an outside pair of eyes to clearly and objectively view the situation: what the triggers for a behavior may be, when & why the behavior escalates, and all the tiny steps that lead up to those big frustrations some owners experience. As the old dog training adage goes, it’s not about training the dog so much as training the people!

It’s also important to note that dogs have a harder time generalizing than us humans. So learning how to sit/stay/come in group obedience class, doesn’t always easily transfer to sit & stay in home or coming when called in the yard. That’s where we come in! To help bridge the gap between group classes or board & trains and at-home application.

With that said, we truly feel that the professional dog training world should be a collaborative one. We have many connections with other local trainers who we refer our clients to for certain services. Group classes can be great for exposure to new places & people, and learning to work with plenty of distraction. We recommend dog sport classes to many of our clients as well. Some dogs need more intensive behavior modification and benefit from time in a board & train program, or immersive socialization with other dogs. This is a big part of our consultation process: figuring out the many pieces to each dog’s puzzle, starting to fill in the gaps, teaching owners how to continue working on their own, and referring to others with their specialties if needed.  

Some dogs really excel with certain types of instruction or need a combination of different approaches and outlets, which is why there is plenty of room in Tucson for all types of trainers. Plus, the more we work together, the more we learn from one another and better ourselves. We don’t all see eye to eye, certainly, but those conversations help us articulate our own positions more clearly and also allow us to consider alternative view points.

As The Polite Canine emerges onto the Tucson dog training scene, we are eager to start changing the lives of dogs & their owners for the better.