Get the Gear: Ruffwear Haul Bag

Get the Gear, where we review some of our favorite doggie products & training tools. This week we’re reviewing the toolbox itself, the Ruffwear Haul Bag.

When I first started out dog training, being a resourceful and relatively frugal person, I found an old tote bag and threw everything I needed into it. Needless to say when the inventory exceeded a treat bag, a leash, and a towel, things started to get complicated. In comes what I like to call my “doggie diaper bag.” The Ruffwear Haul Bag is the ultimate solution for a trainer’s needs in both organization and capacity. This bag fits a lot of stuff, while managing to keep it all organized and compact.

Sizing specs: approximately 16'’ long x 11'’ wide x 12'’ high and 25 liters in volume.

The bag features both a shoulder strap and two handles for easy carrying options. And what is in my opinion the best feature, the “gatemouth” which opens the bag into a rectangle for easy loading/unloading and full access to the interior. No more digging around!

On the exterior of the bag you’ll find one large zipper pouch that runs the length of the bag and three stretchable mesh pockets, two larger in size and one smaller. The interior storage features mirror the exterior with one large zipper pouch and three mesh. Business cards, poop bags, water dish, towel, note pad, e-collar, spray bottle, pet corrector, water bottle, paracord line, grab tag, treat bag, long line, slip lead, drool rag, tug toy, emergency kit—you name it, it fits.

This bag is great not only for trainers, but anyone who has an active lifestyle their pet is a part of. If you’re traveling or camping with your dog, organize their food, toys, and other gear in one easy to transport place. No more searching through the car for where the tennis ball rolled to.

For a quality bag like this, it’s not exactly cheap. But as they say, you get what you pay for. I can guarantee you’ll get years of mileage out of the Haul Bag. Made of ultra durable material, this bag can take a beating and is made by a brand I trust.

If you’re a professional, make sure to check out Ruffwear’s pro purchase program for discounts.