Success Stories: Kylo & Impulse Control

Name: Kylo

Age: 1 year

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever

Background: Kylo ended up at the county shelter after being hit by a car and breaking both of his front legs. Thanks to a local rescue and a dedicated foster his legs were able to be mended and he was adopted out to his forever home. Kylo is a typical happy-go-lucky retriever, with boundless enthusiasm for every aspect of life.

The Problem: While Kylo’s retriever personality is a great quality in some aspects, it comes with a certain amount of mayhem to pair with his exuberance and high energy. Kylo loves when people visit the house and shows it by jumping on top of them. He is constantly looking for something to occupy his busy mind, which sometimes means counter surfing, chasing the cats, or chewing on things he shouldn't. 

The Solution: Kylo thrived off of positive reinforcement and engagement, and quickly learned to focus on his handler for direction and reward. Kylo’s owner was given many exercises on impulse control to continue on her own. A solid "place" command is key for Kylo to learn self-calming and boundaries. Through "place" and other exercises such as "leave it" he is learning to practice self-control and good choice making.