Success Stories: Wiley's Crate Training

Name: Wiley

Age: 1 year

Breed: Mixed Breed (possible Heeler/Jack Russell)

Background: Wiley, named after a certain famous Coyote, lived as a stray on the Tohono O'odham reservation until a concerned Samaritan was able to gain his trust enough to leash him and bring him into a local rescue group. Wiley was an extremely social dog, but had never experienced home life and didn’t know much of anything about proper house manners.

The Problem: Severe containment anxiety. When left in a wire crate Wiley was extremely destructive. He would hurt himself breaking out of the crate and once out, would cause damages to the house. When transferred to an airline crate he still attempted escape, rocking the crate over, chewing at the crate door, and “screaming” for hours on end.

The Solution: With much patience from trainer, Kim, and a regimented plan for success, Wiley learned to happily go into his crate (with the help of some highly valued chicken) and settled in for as long as 8 or 9 hours without an issue. Though it took many hours with only incremental progress, Kim knew celebrating these small successes were key to building towards the larger picture. After conquering the crate hurdle and learning a few other house manners, Wiley was able to be placed in the perfect forever home.