Success Stories: Buddy Needs Boundaries

Name: Buddy
Breed: Puggle
Age Range: Adult

The Problem: To put it bluntly, Buddy was out of control. On Lynn's initial visit, Buddy was running laps around the room, jumping up on the couch, over the owner, and barking. He would nip at the owners arms and bite the leash when she tried to walk him. Not only that, he would also harass the two cats he shared the apartment with. Buddy's owner had never owned a dog before and was simply in over her head.

The Solution: Two words: impulse control. Lynn worked with Buddy on basic obedience commands such as sit, down, come, and loose leash walking. This helped put Buddy in a more focused frame of mind and gave the owner some commands to fall back on. Buddy needed an outlet for all that energy though, so Lynn taught his owner how to initiate play on her terms and in a controlled way. By laying the ground work, setting some boundaries, and using play as a form of relationship building, Buddy's owner was empowered to continue training Buddy on her own.