Success Stories: Fearful Teddy

Name: Teddy
Breed: Havanese
Age Range: Puppy

The Problem: Teddy had many phobias, including a fear of other dogs and a fear of unfamiliar environments. Teddy would tremble and protest if he was forced to leave the house or go outside for a walk. His behaviors upset and troubled his owners, who did not know how to help their undersocialized pup. 

The Solution: Lynn took an immersive approach to socializing Teddy. She worked with him for 5-6 hours every day for a week, taking him everywhere with her, including parks, stores, and her own house. While at Lynn's house he learned to interact with Lynn's trusted coworker, an American Pitbull Terrier named Lola who had a PhD in balancing canines. By the end of a week, Teddy no longer shook in fear, and actually enjoyed being outside and near other calm dogs. In addition to behavioral rehabilitation, Teddy picked up some new tricks while in Lynn's care: sit, down, roll over, and high five to name a few.